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New-York based Design Strategist with strengths in qualitative research, program design and project management.

Building consonance between teams and business needs, I work best in environments that aim to make lives better.

Passionate about Healthcare and Education.

Bringing structure to chaos.


My core skills include..

User Research

Project Management

Program Design

Service Design

Systems Analysis

Design Strategy

Listen. Observe.

There is music all around.

and organizations that have shaped my work are..


and, of course, there are things People say I am good at..


Ishaanee acted as my sounding board quite a few times, as my Research Assistant at ISDI. She has been accounted to be a team-maker and appreciates criticism to grow. Her curious attitude contributes not just to her own growth, but of her team as well. She is a delight to work with!

Dr. Amit Kundal
Associate Dean of Design, Art and Performance
FLAME University

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