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with a keen interest in working towards planetary design, Ishaanee is a first-principles thinker, a macro-picture observer, and an avid writer


Design Research

Every project I undertake addresses diving deep into the primary research question, the stakeholders involved, their needs and behavior, and the positioning of the ecosystem toward the question and stakeholders so involved.

Service Design

As a key tool used, Service Design has helped me identify the roles that every stakeholder and shareholder play in the current situation and how the evolution towards the said change in the product, service or programs can be impact their roles independently and individuals.

Business Design

Blending the nuances of the business to design products, services and programs that are holistic, I help identify the intrinsic value of the solution/intervention so designed. The aim remains to fuse the needs of the business with the needs of the planet.

Brands that have polished my work

In the brief period we worked together, I admired your work ethic, your skills in designing programs..

Abhyudaya Goyal
Innovation Programs Lead

With a flair and interest in Service Design and natural understanding of Systems, Ishaanee's vision of any product or service runs deeper into the ecosystem and the stakeholders. She leaves no opportunity in trying to help the team whenever required, showing grit, determination, and go-getter attitude!

Divya Chadha

UX Research
Disney+ Hotstar

Ishaanee is fueled by her drive to learn. She enjoys being involved in different projects, even if acting as a silent observer. Her approach to projects is holistic - she considers the business, design and technology, all together.

Abhishek Agarwal


Bringing Chaos to Structure

Good Interventions '22 Design Awardee

I think economies are not tightly organized systems, have different undertakings, and only some cluster around market transactions, just like Gibson and Graham mentioned. Play a game of Jenga Economies – who knows which slab will topple down the economy today – another pandemic, an astroid, or just the rise of the dinosaurs?!

High-risks, fragility, and a lot more.

Parsons MS SDM Symposium '23 Awardee

A platform that is looking for a happier, healthier future, I AM was born in the midst of a global health crisis. Over the past three years anxiety, depression, and disordered eating have been on the rise, while we as a society continue to demonize our bodies for the states in which they exist. The platform aims to empower people to feel their best, holistically, with the power of their data. 

Good Interventions '23 Curator

What does the notion of ‘making to think’ encapsulate? How can design serve as a means of comprehending our world? In which ways can we articulate or reimagine our environments with design interventions? The Good Interventions Exhibition’23, building upon the foundations of the inaugural competition and exhibition in 2022 amalgamates the strengths of design and social sciences to tackle questions of power.


Ishaanee Pandey
Bringing Chaos to Structure

Aligning human and planetary needs with design, technology and businesses, to launch products, services and programs.

Design Researcher and Strategist.

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