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Design Research, User Research, Service Design, Program Design, Usability Testing
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Pasta to Design Research


One fine evening, in February of 2022, sitting in class, we discussed what are research plans, and how do we craft them?

I penned down my thoughts to speak out, I got reminded of Pasta, yes.

Dhobhi Ghat, Systems Thinking


My written attempt to understand Systems Thinking got us to look at the Dhobhi Ghat in Mumbai — the largest open-air laundromat in India. This read elaborates into how this ecosystem survives in Mumbai.

Design, Education and Democracy


As a Research Assistant to Dr. Amit Kundal, I penned down our thoughts on instilling Design as a Process in students, not just by teaching Co-Creation, but also practice the same, by giving the students the opportunity to co-create their own curriculum.

Observe. (Not Stare.)


See a cat. It will observe. Listen. Look around. Act at the right time. Pounce at its pray and KILL!

Something for designers to learn..

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