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Healthcare Customer Service

The Customer Service Vertical derives more than 1/3rd revenue for the organization, catering to the needs of the Indian Subcontinent (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.) 

With the Remote Servvice Engineers and Field Service Engineers working 365 days a year, the organization wanted to understand how it be more efficient.

As the Service Design Lead, my team and I crafted a research plan to shadow and interview different stakeholders of the Customer Service Team, for the organization. With these discussions and fly-on-the-wall sessions, we crafted the initial service blueprint for the vertical. Having identified multiple technical and operational loopholes, I designed and facilitated a two-day co-creation workshop with more than 20 stakeholders from the customer service design. With representatives of 8+ teams, day one focussed on: a. Presenting the current service blueprint before the teams b. Understanding how teams functioned, the tools they used, their day-to-day activities, operational flows, and crisis management systems c. Enabling open discussion between teams to understand their motivations, fears and challenges at every stage Day two, on the other hand, was to bring together people by: a. Letting members share stories specific to work b. Prioritizing challenges as most problematic to easy, c. to finally Map ways to tackle these challenges 'I have been working for the last 76 hours. This is first time in my 2 years at the organization that someone has come to ask me about my problems. I landed at the airport at 3am, and came to office by 6:30am, so that I am at this workshop at 9am today. It is extremely important for the leadership to understand how we work.'

Power in Numbers

Apr '18 - Aug '18





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