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Sound of the Future: What's gone, what's left

One of my recent assignment's got me to explore what the sounds our future would entail. Play the video, close your eyes, listen! Visualize what you hear!

What's gone, what's left: a snippet of what our future will hold, the sounds that would be lost and the sounds that would remain.. Birds, humans, trains, machines, roads, trees - we don't know what will remain, but with the hope that water remains, and life remains, this is the sound of the future - a snippet of what we might just remember, or a snippet of what might just remain and flourish as the years pass by. What's gone, what's left. Is this a call for help or the law of nature - water, air, earth, fire, ether - only time will tell. ----------- I love the idea that the five elements form the basis of life on Earth. I also love being curious and identifying networks/patterns to work. If you enjoyed reading, please let me know. If you have questions about me and my approach to work, shoot away - stoked to hear from you. -Bringing Chaos to Structure-

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