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Image by Guillaume Jaillet

Fail Fast, Learn Faster

Government executives, globally, are known to be caught up with 'bureaucracy'. Aimed to increase engagement and support executives on experimentation, this design sprint resulted in a cyclical educational program for executives for the Canadian Government. 

Government Executives, Agility, Experimentation, Behavior Change/Design

Proposed Intervention

Our research brought forward government eDesign Sprints make life fun. After 15 weeks of thorough research, primary and secondary, my team and I designed a 6-WEEK FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM that allows employees passionate about solving the worker voice gap at various levels to learn, create, and transform together so that the gap is narrowed collectively.

A four week program, bringing together new executives aged between 25-34years, to explore, make, mess and fix, through simple activities, carried out by experts such as Design Thinking Facilitators.

The freedom for anyone who works to express themselves, and in doing so, create value at work.

Through interviews and secondary research, we attempted to understand and simplify what 'Worker Voice' means to humans..

Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 7.56_edited.jpg

Our research brought forward three key long-standing challenges that helped us establish guidelines for the intervention.

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