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Work: Products

The Aspen Institute

Image by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa

Worker Voice Gap (US)

Designing to address the ‘Worker Voice Gap’ and normalize consistent engagement between Workers and Executives. A 6-week program was designed creating an opportunity for employees across organizations and the 'hierarchical ladders' to learn, evolve and educate.

Program Designer

Jan '22 - May '22

*Business School, India

three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard_edited.jpg

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Resilience (India)

With the onset of COVID19, educational institutions saw students deferring education. As the only design strategist, I led the initiative to identify key opportunity areas and crafted a structure to plan and present 33 new programs. These aimed to support and co-create with innovators, entrepreneurs, its own research centers and incubation-acceleration centers.

Design Strategist

Apr '20 - Sep '20

Treasury Board, Govt. of Canada

Image by Ali Tawfiq

Fail Fast, Govt. Executives! (Canada)

Design Sprint that resulted in an engagement program for executives of the Canadian Government to embrace failing fast, and identify more innovative methods to carry out daily tasks. The program emphasizes on a 'fail fast, learn quick' attitude for bureaucrats.

Program Designer

Feb '22 - Mar '22

*School of Design, NYC

Image by Edho Pratama

Tertiary Design Education (US)

An ongoing research project aimed to understand the changing need for tertiary design education in USA. For the study, more than 20 stakeholders who impact tertiary design education at Parsons School of Design have been interviewed and more than 4 key themes have emerged.

Research Manager

Aug '22 - Present

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