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Renditions, through pens and pencils, wood and color..

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Jenga Economies

An interactive representation of how I see economies - interdependent, designed in collaboration, fragile, and ever-evolving, just like a game of Jenga. The representation has been made for markets, and just like Gibson and Graham, I think economies are not tightly organized systems, have different undertakings, and only some cluster around market transactions.


High-risks, fragility, and a lot more.

Faces of a Team

Created during the Managing Creative Project Teams class, Faces of a Team explores the faces we show, and the faces we actually have, at work, and in our personal lives. It takes effort, passion, vision, culture, discipline, and so much more, to form a team, and this is just a face of what we see, in the larger pool of faces at work.


The Half Woman Lord

The mythological concept of Arshnarishwar - the Half Woman Lord, which focusses on the concept of balance, mutual dependence - the synthesis of feminine and masculine energies. 

Art form: Cheriyal (puppetry/mask), Telangana, India

Material used: Tamarind paste, Sawdust

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we taste the
blood ritual of
southern hands

Exploring traditional mediums of communication in the form of art work. This is my rendition of the 9th Haiku from 14, written by Sonia Sanchez (1934.) Sonia was actively involved in the Black Arts Movement, and this hand-painted work is derived from her idea of the struggles that Black Artists faced during the 1960s and 70s.

Colors: Red, Yellow, Black
Placement: Placed five feet under ground level


Go beta, live your life..

Pink Floyd, my brother and my friends played a major role in life growing up.. 

When I left home for Design School the first time, my best friend, Vedika, gifted me a wire-craft motorcycle, crafted in North East India, as an encouragement, to live my dreams. 

The Pink Floyd<>Prism was, I believe, the first canvas I painted, in memory of the hours I had spent listening to the Floyd cassette my brother gifted to me for Rakhi, sometime in 2006.

While all of this is my art work, I thank the artists who inspired me to create my own versions of their work, or create new work, inspired by their passion.

Thank you for being you!

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